Hello! My name is Loki, and I'm a 4 ½ year old Yellow Crowned Amazon. I have been at my second foster home having the final stages of my assessment for just over a week now. Here I have a mommy, daddy and my new best friend, Turkey the Orange Wing Amazon! He's lived her for a LONG time, he's my idol!

I've been learning all sorts of new things from him! At first, I was too scared to let anyone touch me, but after watching mommy & daddy cuddle with Turkey.. and nothing bad happened, I thought I'd give it a little try.

Wow! Now I just can't get enough head scratches, and I even try to roll around and play! I never knew what I was missing!

For now I only do these things from inside the safety of my cage... just reach in and give me a little scratch or a tickle, I LOVE it!

I do like to come out of my cage and have a look around (and steal some of Turk's food when he's not looking) but when I'm out I don't like being touched so much (yet).

I'm trying really hard to learn how to step up. Even though I've seen Turk do it a million times, I still don't really get it!

My mommy bought a special tool to help me learn to step up without having too many nips (I can nip when I'm frightened.. but never too hard). So far, I'll put one foot on the “up” perch, or even a foot onto my daddy's hand/arm... but I still hold onto the side/top of my cage with the other foot with all of my might! I'm just too scared to let go right now... but I've come a really long way in a short amount of time, and I'm sure I'll figure it out soon!

Food! Let's talk about food! I love it. That's all. Give it to me, I'll eat it... don't give it to me... I'll get it and eat it too!

Food is my favourite part of the day! It's a great incentive to get me to do what you want me to do (until I gobble up my reward that is!)

As you can see, I'm a beautiful healthy bird. I had a lot of healing to do when I first came to my safe house. I'm still trying to sort out how to hop & climb to get where I need to go.

I love the toys in my cage, and I'm really good at keeping myself entertained. Remember, I'm just a toddler, so I have LOTS of energy that I need to learn how to use for good and not evil. I love to swing on my new trapeze, it's helping me improve my balance.. and I love puzzle toys that have a yummy reward inside for figuring it out!

Since I choose to spend most of my day in my cage right now, it's important you keep me busy.. or I just might let you know I'm bored by singing you a little song! I'm an amazing singer and talker... I can sing an Opera that can be heard for miles!

I'm learning to keep it down a little, but I respond to noise in kind... so if you run the vacuum, I might sing or make my jungle sounds. I don't do this nearly as much as I did when I first got here, I've calmed down a lot.. especially spending time with someone as chilled as Turkey! He's teaching me how to get my mommy's attention without shattering the windows!

What's even better than my singing, is my chatting! I've got quite a vocabulary, including my name which I know and respond to.. I'm not going to tell you what I talk about.. I think it's a lot more fun to surprise you.. but I can tell you that I'm quite a good talker, and I'm sure that with someone's help, I'll learn even more big boy words!

Although I like both my mommy and daddy, and I'll take head scratches and strokes from either of them.. (and of course I'll take food from either of them).. Dad is my favourite human right now. In fact, I love him so much that I've started to try and share some of my goodies with him... I don't know why he won't take what I regurgitate for him.. but I keep trying.

This has confused my mommy & daddy and they can't seem to figure out if I'm a Mr or a Miss! I'm still very young and am learning how to do a lot of things for the first time... and it seems I have my first crush!

I've been slowly learning how to love and trust with the help of my grown ups and my best friend, Turkey. Even though me and Turkey haven't tried playing together yet, I know I can be gentle, so don't worry if you have another feathered friend. Since I can still nip when I'm scared I wouldn't recommend little fingers at first.

I've calmed down a whole lot and am much more relaxed in a calm environment. Noisy situations can really wind me up and I can get REALLY loud! I'm easy to calm down though, just turn down the volume & come give me a scratch on the head and I'll be just fine.

I would really love a home where I can keep learning all of these wonderful things and have a forever mommy or daddy or both that can give and receive unconditional love. Is it you?


This is Buddy. His age is unknown. He is a very sweet shy little chap with a big hatred of fingers. We are slowly progressing with him. He will leave his cage. But has not flown around as yet. We will let him do that when he is ready. There is no rush. We are slowly transitioning him from a seed diet to a sunflower free seed, pellet and veggie diet. He currently will only eat his veggies finely chopped. He is a great listener and is learning to copy whistles and songs. He loves his toys and has a favourite bell he regularly plays with. He loves watching you tube videos of other tiels and responds to them. Hes not the biggest fan of different kinds of birds. He sticks to his own type. Currently teaching him Addams family. He is not ready for long term foster as yet, unless we can find him someone with experience with tiels, with companion tiels who can give him the patience and time he needs to flourish.


My name is Alfie and I am a Red Lored Amazon, I am 10 years old and prefer Dads. 

The human who is doing something called an assessment Grabbed a few shots today, while I was out and about, busy chomping food.


You can see his poor beak here, he doesn't chew toys or wood much, although we think we've got him interested in a new wooden toy and abrasive perch. Apparently he has had to go to the vet before to have it ground down, hoping we can get him to do it himself. He's a beautiful bird, fussy who he goes to and that includes me! Alfie will need ongoing Avian Vet Care for regular beak trims.



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