For the love of Parrots

Our Mission as Skye Blue Parrot Rescue Wales is to take in all parrots – pet birds from as small as a Budgie to as large as a Macaw, all birds will be treated with dignity and respect. When a bird is surrendered to our rescue, we will take in the bird from its owner as requested and will assess the bird for however long it takes to find out as much as we possibly can whilst in our care. The surrendered bird, will always remain the property of Skye Blue Parrot Rescue, and will be registered and microchipped to the name & address of this rescue, and every new Carer will sign documentation to abide by the rescue terms & conditions. We are a Not For Profit Organisation, which Rescues, Rehabilitates and Re-homes Parrots, and as such the Rescue Team receive no monetary payments for the running of the Rescue.The rescue is run by experienced Volunteers who are bird owners themselves. 

Our aim is to keep all previous owners updated on the health & well being of their feathered friend whilst they are in our care, if they so wish. 
The birds surrendered to us will never be sold or used for breeding.
The birds will never be rehomed by anyone except Skye Blue Parrot Rescue, and must be returned to the rescue should the need arise.


To be considered to foster with SBPR you will need to complete a membership request and pay a membership fee of £20 per year. 

Any new Carer, will need to make a minimum donation into the rescue in respect of your new feathered friend, the day that the bird comes to live with you, which will be disclosed upon application, and to be considered you will need to have everything set up at your home address, the rescue will request that a cage suitable for the bird you are going to foster be in place and ready for your new arrival, unless the bird actually comes into rescue with a cage then this will be provided for you as it will be what the bird is used to. 

Sometimes a bird will come in with a cage completely unsuitable ie: Rusted, broken, with integral parts missing or too small for the bird.

As a new carer you will be expected to continue to keep the Rescue updated on the birds progress and we request that posts and photos be sent via email to sbprw2018@gmail.com so that we all know how the bird is doing, this also helps the previous owners to come to terms to giving us their much loved friend. 

The rescue is run and depends solely on donations and yearly membership fees from our members and will remain a Not for Profit Organisation and will only be fundraising at events as much as is necessary in order to keep the rescue running on a day to day basis.

We will provide all the help and advice you will require on receiving your new feathered friend, and we request that you register the bird with an avian vet, which you as their carer will be responsible for payment thereof , this is a condition that you as their new carer will need to agree to.  

There is a minimum donation to the rescue required which will be disclosed upon application for each bird to enable us to keep on doing the work we do. 

These donations are used for Vets fees, Micro Chipping, Toys, Cages and Feed etc for the Parrots in our care.

We will do continued regular checks on the birds whilst they are in their new homes to ensure they are being properly cared for. We reserve the right to remove any birds immediately if we have cause for concern.

Rescue is not a "service". We are not obligated to do it. We are volunteers, not paid employees.

You are not doing us a "favor" by adopting one of the animals we rescued and rehabilitated, we are entrusting you to take care of that animal that we have cared for and loved.

Please don't make demands, we take time away from our families, our animals, our paid jobs, our lives, ALL THE TIME, to do what we are so passionate about.

Our families complain. Sometimes our responsibilities are not prioritized. Please be patient. We wish we could respond to you faster. Rescue is not only about passion, but time and money. How do you think the animals get to the vet? To adoption events? Who do you think feeds them, buys their food, toys, harness/leashes and bathes them, cleans them & their areas, trains them and shows them affection?

How do you think we pay for vet care? Please don't balk at a measly adoption donation when we put our ALL into these animals, making sure they are healthy, and doing our best to find them a forever home, such as yours. Don't try to guilt us into doing more.

We are NOT responsible for everyone else's messes. We already do more than we can or should, trust me. After all, we are human, just like you, trying to do the best we can, with lives and bills and problems just like everyone else.

Work with us. Help us when you can. Crosspost, volunteer, foster, donate 



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