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Welcome to Skye Blue Parrot Rescue Wales! We started our non profit rescue on the 25th of May 2018 and have many years experience in parrot rescue in and around South Wales. Our aim is to take in parrots regardless of age, temperament, size or health and find them long term loving foster homes with our home checked members. The parrots will always remain the property of Skye Parrot Rescue Wales and will never be sold or used for breeding! We also offer advice on parrot care and diet.


Empathy is something we recommend strongly within our rescue. Sometimes when people have pets they can be forced to adapt to a life which may not be right for them.

We understand that every bird has come from very different situations .And are very aware of the impact that may hold for them.

We get the best from all our rescues, by not forcing an agenda.

We do not condone forcing birds to like us. We let them make up their own mind.....trust is established in time.

We don't push them to step up or perform. We read the signals when or if, a bird is ready.

Understanding that they may be not a cuddly bird, but that's ok.

Understanding that every bird is different, all with different needs some are sensitive , some are confident.

We have different assessment times based on the birds needs / personality.

We dont have a set time where a bird is rehomed...its when the right home for the birds needs is found.

They are treated like individuals, with respect, like we should all treat each other ðŸ’™ðŸ’›

From Echo’s Mum â¤ï¸

This is Echo. I had to let Echo go to a new home. The new home is in Wales..."Skye Blue Parrot Rescue."
I am so pleased and happy for him.
He is receiving so much love and care. A wonderful Rescue home...they also foster the parrots if you are a member and you are right for the parrot and the parrot is right for you.
Thank you Skye Blue for the home you have given Echo and many other Parrots.x

Did you know?
Not all our rescues are infact rescues.
A lot of our birds come from very loving homes and unfortunately, sometimes, these things have to happen.

Generally, it's a heartbreaking decision made purely out of love and wanting to do the best for their bird.

We don't discriminate or judge. We only want what's best for your bird.
Being part of the rescue means they are never sold on.
We long term foster instead of adopt.
This ensures that if anything unforeseen happens.
Your bird will always have a home with us ðŸ’›ðŸ’™

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Wales, UK


Donations to paypal.me/sbprw



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